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Sandi Rudge lives on the outskirts of Bristol with her husband Phil, her son Chris and her daughter Charlotte. She first fell in love with Siamese back in 1980 and bred them until 1987. She stopped when she was expecting her first child but kept a beautiful blue boy from the last litter. His name was Boris and he lived until the ripe old age of 21.

Now her children are grown up she decided to start breeding again and in 2005 bought a beautiful chocolate point girl who she named Tilly. Tilly has produced some beautiful kittens and Sandi kept one of her daughters who is a Lilac point called Mercedes.

Thanks to Audrey Shepherd (Magical) Sandi is now the very proud owner of a beautiful Lilac Tabby point  called Robbie, who is her first stud boy. Also, thanks to her good friend Jo Page (Ashjolex) Sandi now has a delightful Caramel Pointed Bi Colour girl who she hopes to breed from in the future.




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